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In the case of a reservation, OpenTable sends us your reservation data (date, time, number of people, name, telephone number). We use this to process your reservation and, if necessary, for queries and notifications regarding your reservation. The legal basis for the integration of the open table widget on our website is our legitimate interest in offering you a simple reservation option on our website and using a specialized service provider for this, Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

The legal basis for the processing of the reservation data by us is the preparation of the hospitality contract, Art. 6 Para. 1 lit b GDPR.

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A notice:

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General Terms & Conditions of A&A Gastronomie GmbH

I. Scope of Application

1. These terms and conditions govern all agreements concerning the holding of banquet events as well
as the provision, by way of a lease, of space belonging to the operating company of Frankfurter
Botschaft, A&A Gastronomie GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Frankfurter Botschaft”), along with exclusive bookings, larger reservations, and events such as banquets, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and presentations, etc., including such supplies and services as may be rendered to customers by Frankfurter Botschaft as part thereof.

2. Subletting or making the space and/or areas so provided available for third-party use is at all times
subject to the prior written approval of Frankfurter Botschaft; § 540 (1) sentence 2 of the Bürgerliches
Gesetzbuch (the Civil Code – “BGB”) does not apply if the customer is not a consumer.

3. The customer’s general terms and conditions, if any, apply only to the extent expressly agreed in
writing beforehand.

II. Closings, contractual partners, liability, limitation

1. Any and all agreements and/or orders are rendered effective by Frankfurter Botschaft expressly accepting or confirming a customer request in writing. Frankfurter Botschaft is free as a rule to accept or decline customer requests to book events. If Frankfurter Botschaft transmitted a binding offer to the
customer, the contract / order goes into effect upon the customer’s written declaration of acceptance or order confirmation subject to applicable offer terms.

2. If the customer involves a commercial broker or organizer (e.g., an agency), such third party bears
joint and several liability with the customer with respect to all obligations under the contract. Irrespective thereof, the customer is obligated to forward all information relevant to a given booking, including but not limited to these Frankfurter Botschaft general terms & conditions, to such commercial broker or event organizer.

3. Frankfurter Botschaft’s liability is confined to its contractual obligations. To the extent permitted by
law, any further liability on the part of Frankfurter Botschaft is excluded. Such exclusion of liability does
not apply to damages resulting from injuries to life, body or health insofar as Frankfurter Botschaft bears
responsibility for the same on account of a breach of duty, along with such other damages as may be
based on willful misconduct or gross negligence attributable to Frankfurter Botschaft – or on Frankfurter
Botschaft’s willful or negligent breach of obligations typically associated with the contract in question.
Should the services of Frankfurter Botschaft be impaired or defective, Frankfurter Botschaft will endeavor to bring about a suitable remedy if it becomes aware of or if notified of the malfunction by the
customer without undue delay. Within reason, the customer must do its part to remedy the defect and
minimize damages. Moreover, the customer is obligated to alert Frankfurter Botschaft as to the possibility of significant damage in a timely fashion as well as in a suitable form.

4. If the customer is not a consumer, all claims against Frankfurter Botschaft become time-barred one
year from the onset of the statutory period of limitation as a rule. This does not apply to claims for
damages on account of an injury to life, body, health or freedom. Irrespective of when the pertinent
knowledge is gained, claims for damages of this kind become time-barred after ten years. The reduction
of the period of limitation further does not apply to claims based on a breach of duty committed by
Frankfurter Botschaft willfully or through gross negligence.

III. Pandemic

1. Insofar as ordinances, directives, curfews, lock-downs, shut-downs, etc. are to be observed, Frankfurter Botschaft will assist the customer with the fulfillment of such restrictions on the holding of events as may be imposed – e.g., by the authorities or under statutory provisions. The customer is obligated to follow Frankfurter Botschaft’s current hygiene protocol. To the extent that an event may be held in conformity with official requirements and the hygiene protocol, Frankfurter Botschaft assumes no liability beyond that set forth in II. item 3. Specifically, Frankfurter Botschaft is not responsible for ensuring that the customer, event organizers or guests are healthy and pose no infection risk. Claims for damages based on an illness that arose following an event are excluded. Guests expressly attend events at their own peril. This does not extend to damages resulting from injuries to life, body or health insofar as Frankfurter Botschaft bears responsibility for the underlying breach of duty, along with such other damages as may be based on willful misconduct or gross negligence attributable to Frankfurter Botschaft – or on Frankfurter Botschaft’s willful or negligent breach of obligations typically associated with the contract in question. A breach of duty committed by Frankfurter Botschaft’s legal representatives or (vicarious) agents is deemed to have been committed by Frankfurter Botschaft.

2. The customer may cancel an event free of charge on account of statutory or official restrictions – e.g.,
under ordinances or directives – that make the event impossible when such restrictions take effect, at
the earliest. The same is true if the event in question could be conducted only in a manner severely
restricting the arrangements made regarding the number of attendees (> 30%), the duration as well as
the nature and scope of entertainment. In this context, the lapse of the option to allow dancing specifically does not supply cause for cancellation free of charge even if such option was originally meant to be part of the event. In addition, an event may not be cancelled free of charge so long as the holding of the planned event is not affected by a given ordinance or, at any rate, is not scheduled for the period set forth in item 1 and Frankfurter Botschaft is in a position to satisfy existing statutory or official restrictions.

IV. Services, prices, payment, set-off

1. Frankfurter Botschaft will render the services ordered by the customer and confirmed by Frankfurter
Botschaft as contractually agreed.

2. The customer is obligated to pay the prices of Frankfurter Botschaft then in effect or agreed for these
and other services. This is also true for services provided and expenses incurred by Frankfurter Botschaft at the customer’s behest to third parties, including but not limited to claims from collecting
societies. Unless agreed otherwise, all prices exclude statutory sales tax at the applicable rate, which
is stated separately.

3. In the event that the period between the closing and the date of contractual performance exceeds
nine months, Frankfurter Botschaft is entitled to adjust the contractually agreed price in line with the
percentage increase of Germany’s consumer price index (on a monthly basis) updated by the Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Office for Statistics) since the contract’s / order’s effective date until the date of contractual performance.

4. Frankfurter Botschaft’s invoices are due and payable in full within ten days of receipt unless they
specify a due date. In the event of the customer’s default of payment, statutory default interest accrues.
At any rate, Frankfurter Botschaft reserves the right to furnish evidence of greater damages.

5. Frankfurter Botschaft is entitled to demand that the customer make an adequate advance payment
or provide security in the form of a downpayment at the time of closing. The amount of such advance
as well as the due date of any related payment may be included with the contract in text form. Whenever justified (e.g., customer is in arrears or contractual scope is expanded), however, Frankfurter Botschaft is entitled irrespective of circumstances – and at any time post-closing until the start of the event – to demand payment of an advance or a deposit, or of a security or an increase in the amount of the advance or deposit agreed in the contract, up to the full amount of agreed compensation.

6. The customer has a right of set-off in relations with Frankfurter Botschaft only with respect to claims
that are undisputed or have been effectively established.

V. Customer’s rescission (cancellation)

1. The customer has no right of rescission free of charge.
For cancellations at least twelve weeks prior to the date of the event, the contractual partner must pay
a cancellation fee at a rate of 50% of the total costs set forth in the contract.
For cancellations at least four weeks prior to the date of the event, the contractual partner must pay a
cancellation fee at a rate of 75% of the total costs set forth in the contract.
For cancellations communicated on shorter notice (< four weeks prior to the date of the event), the
contractual partner must pay a cancellation fee at a rate of 90% of the total costs set forth in the contract.

2. Insofar as Frankfurter Botschaft and the customer agreed in text form on a date by which rescission
may be effected free of charge, the customer may rescind the contract on or before such date. Its right
of rescission lapses if it does not exercise the right of rescission by the agreed date by so informing
Frankfurter Botschaft in text form. What matters for purposes thereof is when Frankfurter Botschaft
receives the notice of rescission.

VI. Frankfurter Botschaft’s rescission

1. Where it was contractually agreed that the customer may rescind the contract free of charge by a
certain date, Frankfurter Botschaft, too, is entitled to rescind the contract by such date.

2. In the event that an advance payment or security agreed or demanded pursuant to IV. is not paid
even within an adequate grace period allotted by Frankfurter Botschaft, Frankfurter Botschaft may rescind the contract in question.

3. In addition, Frankfurter Botschaft is certainly entitled to rescind a given contract or booking for cause
if compelling reasons render adherence to such contract or booking unreasonable. Compelling reasons
include but are not limited to:

– Force Majeure or other circumstances not attributable to Frankfurter Botschaft that render contractual
fulfilment impossible;
– space or events are booked on the basis of misleading or false information that is of significance
to the contract – e.g., on the person of the customer and/or the purpose of the event;
– Frankfurter Botschaft has reason to assume that the event may imperil the smooth operation,
the safety and/or the reputation of Frankfurter Botschaft in the public eye, and such effect is not
found within Frankfurter Botschaft’s own sphere of control or organization;
– the purpose or occasion of the event / booking violates the law;
– item I no. 2 is violated; or
– the customer’s assets are subject to a petition for the institution of insolvency proceedings.

4. Should Frankfurter Botschaft rescind for cause, no claim for damages arises on the customer’s part.

VII. Changes to number of attendees or time of event

1. Changes in the number of attendees must be communicated to Frankfurter Botschaft in text form at
least five business days prior to the start of the event and are subject to Frankfurter Botschaft’s approval in text form.

2. If the customer reduces the number of attendees without Frankfurter Botschaft’s approval, the event
is billed on the basis of the number of attendees that was originally agreed. In such a case, the customer is entitled to adjust the agreed price by such expenditures – to be demonstrated by the customer – as may be saved due to the lower number of attendees. However, the customer must pay in full the agreed minimum amount of sales at any rate.

3. In the event of a higher number of attendees, the event is billed on the basis of the actual number of

4. Frankfurter Botschaft is further entitled to alter or replace confirmed space and/or areas as appropriate unless doing so would place an unreasonable burden on the customer.

5. If the event’s start or end times are moved, and Frankfurter Botschaft approves such changes, Frankfurter Botschaft is entitled to charge an adequate premium for the additional service capacity unless Frankfurter Botschaft itself culpably caused the changes.

VIII. Technical equipment, connections and execution

1. Insofar as Frankfurter Botschaft procured technical and other equipment for the customer at its behest, it acts in the name, on the authority and for the account of the customer. The customer is responsible for treating such equipment with care and returning it as intended. It holds Frankfurter Botschaft harmless from any third-party claims related to the provision of such equipment.

2. The use of the customer’s own electrical equipment connected to Frankfurter Botschaft’s power supply is subject to approval in text form. Any malfunction or damage caused by the use of such equipment (e.g., of or to the technical equipment of Frankfurter Botschaft) is the customer’s responsibility unless Frankfurter Botschaft bears culpability in that regard.

3. Malfunctions of the technical or other equipment provided by Frankfurter Botschaft are addressed as
soon as possible. However, the customer does not derive a right of abatement and/or retention from
such malfunction unless Frankfurter Botschaft bears culpability for it.

4. The customer itself must obtain all official permits needed for the transaction of the event, if any, at
its own expense. Likewise, it falls to the customer to ensure compliance with the terms of such permits,
along with all other provisions under public law in connection with the event.

5. The customer may make use of the name and trademark of Frankfurter Botschaft for purposes of
marketing and communication only with Frankfurter Botschaft’s prior approval in text form.

IX. Loss of or damage to items introduced by customer

1. Exhibits and other – including personal – items brought to the space and areas of Frankfurter
Botschaft are introduced at the customer’s risk. Save for cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on Frankfurter Botschaft’s part, Frankfurter Botschaft bears no liability for the loss or demise thereof or damages thereto, including financial loss. This excludes damages stemming from injuries to life, body or health.

2. Such decorations as may be introduced must satisfy all fire safety regulations. Frankfurter Botschaft
is entitled to demand official verification thereof. If no such verification is produced, Frankfurter Botschaft has the right to remove materials already introduced by the customer at the latter’s expense. In consideration of the risk of damage, the placement and installation of items must be coordinated with Frankfurter Botschaft in advance and require prior approval in text form.

3. Exhibits and other items introduced by the customer must be removed by it promptly after the event.
If the customer fails to do so, Frankfurter Botschaft is entitled to remove and store such items at the
customer’s risk and expense. Should items be left behind in the event space, Frankfurter Botschaft may
demand payment of an adequate user fee for as long they remain. The customer is free to furnish proof
to the effect that the claim specified above did not arise – or did not arise in the amount asserted.

4. Items left behind are shipped to the customer only on the basis of a separate agreement with the
customer, and only at its risk and expense.

X. Customer’s liability for damages

1. If the customer is a business, it bears liability for all damages to the building or its fixtures that were
caused by event attendees / visitors, staff, other third parties from the customer’s sphere or the customer itself.

2. Frankfurter Botschaft has the right to demand that the customer furnish adequate security (e.g., insurance policies, security deposits or guarantees).

XI. General provisions

1. The place of performance is the registered office of Frankfurter Botschaft.

2. In commercial dealings (also for disputes concerning checks or bills of exchange), the exclusive legal
venue is Frankfurt am Main, Germany. If either party hereto meets the requirement of § 38 (2) of the
Zivilprozessordnung (Code of Civil Procedure – “ZPO”) and lacks a domestic forum generale, the legal
venue is deemed to be Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

3. German law applies. the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) as well as conflict-of-law rules is excluded.